It's me, hi.

I'm the photographer, it's me.

In my full-time job, I get to do fun design and photo related things at Tepper Sports & Entertainment. I’m available for freelance photography sessions and graphic design work outside of my 9– 5. I pride myself on being affordable and delivering high quality work in creative fields that are oversaturated and often over-priced. Hopefully I get the opportunity to get to know you and help with your project!

My Experience



Dog mom to the most wonderful jumbo nugget, Chance. He's my 115lb 5-year-old German Shepherd and currently makes up 75% of my personality.



Massive music person (predominantly hip-hop/R&B). That annoying cliche “I listen to everything” yup. That’s really me.

Always down for music recs!

Find my playlists here: @taybanner on Apple Music



Sports enthusiast. Phew! Was worried after years in the industry, I’d lose my love for sports, but safe to say, I haven’t. One of the things I'm most thankful for is that my career has allowed me to stay involved in what I'm most passionate about.



Mental health advocate.

It matters.

How you treat others matters.

YOU matter.

You're stronger than you think.

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Addison Prophet

“Taylor's photos are stunning, and experiencing a photoshoot with her is so comfortable and easy it never feels forced or awkward. I love that Taylor understands the subject's vibes so well - give her a few examples or a description of the goal in mind and she'll take it and run! Last but not least, her turnaround time and efficient clear communication make working with her so seamless. If you're looking for a great photographer ex experience - look no further.”


wow! you're still here!

said she want a photo, you already know though

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